Disney’s The BFG – Trailer Review

Disney’s The BFG  (Trailer review)



Roald Dahl’s dark children’s fiction has been widely enjoyed for decades, and it’s unlikely his popularity will wane any time soon (I even wrote my undergraduate dissertation about his children’s stories – see the image below).



Many of his books have been adapted into successful family movies, such as Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryThe WitchesMatilda and Fantastic Mr Fox.  Some have also been transformed into theatre productions; Matilda and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are now award-winning musicals. Moreover, the Roald Dahl Museum is a beloved family attraction, and Roald Dahl Day is still celebrated every year on September 13th (Dahl’s birthday).


(Here is my own battered copy of The BFG I’ve had since I was about 6.)

The latest of Dahl’s works to be snapped up by Hollywood is The BFG, a story about an orphan named Sophie who is kidnapped by a giant stalking the streets of London. Admittedly, it’s not among my favourites of Dahl’s collection and I wasn’t sure it would make an enjoyable movie. However, the trailer looks more promising than I expected.

A child being snatched from their bed in the dead of the night is frightening subject matter for a children’s story, but Dahl managed to twist this into a touching tale about friendship and adventure. The trailer sets an eerie tone for the movie, featuring shadowy scenes and brief flashes of the mysterious being wandering around the streets at night. Dahl’s storytelling excellence combined with the prowess of Steven Spielberg, Melissa Mathison and Disney’s creative force is sure to result in something special.

Directed by: Steven Spielberg

Written by: Melissa Mathison

Produced by: Steven Spielberg, Frank Marshall and Sam Mercer

Starring: Ruby Barnhill, Mark Rylance, Bill Hader

Release date: July 22nd 2016 (UK)

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