The Starting Line – Anyways Review

The Starting Line – Anyways (Review)

It’s been eight long years since pop-punk veterans The Starting Line gave us their last release (is Directions really that old?). Despite their lengthy absence, their timeless classics still make up the soundtrack to the lives of pop-punk lovers everywhere. Their return is great news for us awkward souls who wear our hearts on our sleeves. The band have marked their comeback with new single Anyways and an EP (also entitled Anyways) which will be released on February 5th next year.



Anyways wouldn’t sound out of place on the Directions album. Its ambling melody is reminiscent of songs like Are You Alone? and Island, and Kenny Vasoli’s distinctly youthful vocals are sounding a little more throaty.

In an interview with Philly Voice earlier this year, Vasoli reassured us that the band are “always going to sound like The Starting Line”. It looks like 2016 is shaping up to be awesome already!

Pre-order the Anyways EP on i-Tunes here.

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