Favourite TV – 2015

Favourite TV from 2015

I didn’t think my binge-watching skills could improve any further after three years of uni, but apparently this isn’t the case. This year, I’ve taken TV marathons to a new level. I’m almost ashamed. Almost.

Here are some of my favourite programmes from 2015 (I haven’t included Coronation Street because it goes without saying that Corrie trumps all other shows).

1) Wentworth Prison (Series 3)


Wentworth is my favourite. Show. Ever. I feel like hardly anyone in the UK is aware of it because it’s Australian, and I can’t stress enough how awesome it is. It’s gritty, brutal and unsettling, but also funny and touching. The third series has been the most violent and twisted, and I think it’s going to get more gruesome next year. Read my full review here.

Channel 5 // Twitter: @Wentworth_UK


2) Chewing Gum (Series 1)


I can barely stand to watch E4 anymore because of god-awful American sitcoms like Rules of Engagement and Melissa and Joey constantly on repeat. Chewing Gum is what E4 is lacking – authentically funny writing that doesn’t need a corny laughing track. The show provides plenty of cringe-comedy and swear words that make the guys from Inbetweeners look polite.  I’m pretty sure Michaela Coel (the show’s writer and leading actress) is the love of my life. Read my full review here.

E4 // Twitter: @ChewingGumE4


3)    Orange is the New Black (Series 3)


I was two years late to the party with OITNB, yet still ended up watching all three series in the space of two weeks. There are nearly 40 episodes. And this was alongside a full-time job. There are too many amazing characters to obsess over. Doggett’s storyline and her friendship with Boo completely tore me apart in series three. It’s a good thing I have another few months to emotionally prepare myself for season four.

Netflix // Twitter: @OITNB


4)    Jessica Jones (Series 1) 


I can’t believe I’m admitting this, but I managed to get through all 13 episodes of Marvel’s Jessica Jones in one weekend. In my defense, the weather was terrible and I really wanted to get my money’s worth out of my Netflix subscription. This show is addictive because of the array of characters: misanthropic Jessica and her bad-assery, eccentric twins Robyn and Ruben, loveable Malcolm, ruthless lawyer Jeri and the ever-superb David Tennant as the archetypal British villain.

Netflix // Twitter: @JessicaJones


5)    No Offence (Series 1)


It’s hard to explain how happy it makes me when a TV show/film is set in Manchester. Paul Abbott (creator of Shameless) has outdone himself again with this stellar female-led crime drama. It’s blunt, witty and sometimes obscene, and that’s why I love it. Read my review here.

Channel 4 // Twitter: @Channel4


6)    Cucumber/Banana/Tofu (Series 1)


The final programme on my list is Russell T. Davies’ Cucumber/Banana/Tofu – and not just because it’s set in Manchester. The series brings modern LGBT narratives to the fore and has a unique format, with three separate shows intersecting. Banana is the highlight for me because there are new characters with different stories in each episode, but that episode of Cucumber isn’t something I’ll forget in a hurry.

Channel 4, E4, All4 // Twitter: @cucumber


There are loads of new shows to look forward to next year, but in the meantime I’ll be spending some quality time with my Sherlock boxset…


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