Tonight Alive – How Does It Feel?

Tonight Alive – How Does It Feel? (Review)


Australian rockers Tonight Alive have been building anticipation for their third album Limitless by treating fans to a string of new singles. How Does It Feel? was revealed to the world last night, giving us an idea of what we can expect from the upcoming album.

So far, we’ve heard three other tracks from Limitless: Human Interaction, To Be Free and Drive. These songs show the personal and professional evolution of the band and hint at the direction they’re going in.

Tonight Alive How Does It Feel

Their previous album The Other Side (released in 2013) was distinctly dark, exploring pain from relationships, illness and self-doubt. Although the new material also focuses on trying times, it emits very positive vibes. There’s still darkness there, but the themes are optimistic: self-acceptance, putting the past behind you and reflecting on tough experiences to become a stronger person. Overall, it feels exhilarating and inspiring.

When I first heard Human Interaction, I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not, but the more I hear from Limitless, the more excited I am about the future of Tonight Alive. Their new stuff exudes confidence and they seem sure of who they want to be.

Jenna McDougall

How Does It Feel? is about being free from someone else’s control, standing up for yourself and not taking crap from anyone. The messages in the song and Jenna McDougall’s gritted teeth in the video confirm that Tonight Alive are definitely ready to kick ass in 2016.

I can’t wait to see them in Manchester next month on their Limitless world tourTheir new album will be released on March 4th – you can preorder and and look for concert tickets here


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