Wentworth Prison, Series 4 Ep 1 review

Wentworth Prison Series 4, Episode 1   I'm all binged out after the latest season of Orange is the New Black, so I'm ready to pace myself by watching one episode of Wentworth Prison per week. The fourth season premiered last night and it was well worth the wait. The prisoners have a new facility … Continue reading Wentworth Prison, Series 4 Ep 1 review


An evening with Gloria Steinem

An evening with Gloria Steinem  Waterstones, Manchester (23.02.16) The saying “once in a lifetime” tends to be exaggerated and overused, but this week I attended a genuine once in a lifetime event. Thanks to the Manchester Literature Festival, I got to listen to legendary activist and writer Gloria Steinem speak at the Deansgate Waterstones store. … Continue reading An evening with Gloria Steinem

Tonight Alive – The Ritz Manchester Review

Tonight Alive @ The Ritz Manchester Review (19.02.16)   You can't understand what some bands are all about until you've seen them live. Tonight Alive are one of those bands. Hailing from Sydney, Australia, they've toured the world extensively since their formation in 2008. They played their biggest headline tour to date last year at Manchester Academy … Continue reading Tonight Alive – The Ritz Manchester Review

All Time Low – Manchester Arena Review

All Time Low @ Manchester Arena Review (12.02.16) I haven't seen All Time Low since they headlined the Kerrang! tour in 2010 at Manchester Academy and was shocked to see a TV advert promoting their UK arena tour. When I found out Against the Current and Good Charlotte were part of the line-up, I decided … Continue reading All Time Low – Manchester Arena Review

Tonight Alive – How Does It Feel?

Tonight Alive - How Does It Feel? (Review)   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hPu8zDZxVNc Australian rockers Tonight Alive have been building anticipation for their third album Limitless by treating fans to a string of new singles. How Does It Feel? was revealed to the world last night, giving us an idea of what we can expect from the upcoming album. So far, we've heard … Continue reading Tonight Alive – How Does It Feel?

Favourite TV – 2015

Favourite TV from 2015 I didn’t think my binge-watching skills could improve any further after three years of uni, but apparently this isn’t the case. This year, I’ve taken TV marathons to a new level. I’m almost ashamed. Almost. Here are some of my favourite programmes from 2015 (I haven’t included Coronation Street because it goes without … Continue reading Favourite TV – 2015